A better self-sustaining, secure pyramid scheme.

The Most Powerful & Decentralized Pyramid Yet

  • Pyramid Technology

    When someone purchases or sells an EthPryamid Token (EPY), 10% of the buy/sell-in-price is split by the total number of coins and given as locked-in dividends to each previous investor based on how many coins they own. This is stored as price-locked EPY Tokens that nobody can touch but you!

  • Dividends

    10% ETH of every buy and sell will be rewarded to token holders. STRONG HANDS will be rewarded through every crash and pump. The smartcontract, unlike other schemes, will allow you to directly reinvest your dividends back into coins or use on ethereum casinos.

  • Forever

    Seriously, no premine, no self destruct, no exit scam. This contract will fluctuate in price and pay out dividends until the ethereum network dies. At any time, you can sell your tokens back to the Smart Contract for 90% of the current price, or withdraw/reinvest the dividends you've accumulated!

Q: Is this a real thing?

A: Yes, EthPyramid Tokens are built on the ethereum blockchain, which you can use on a number of online casinos. Furthermore, if you want the list of the TOP Ethereum casinos, read this guide it's better than a reddit guide to an ethereum casino.

Q: Has this code been copy pasted from POWH bunk code?

A: EthPyramid's code has been built from the ground up, all loopholes previously found in flawed ponzi systems are not present in EthPryamid. The development team of EthPyramid has in no way in the past been linked to POWHcoin.

Q: Wasn't there something similar to this earlier?

A: Yes, there are several variations of ponzis, pyramids, and other schemes; EthPyramid is the next step forward with reinvestable dividends and 10% redistribution on sell.

Q: Is EthPyramid secure?

Yes. Our dev team put a lot of hours into code work and testing to make sure your tokens are safe. Internal functions of the contract are not accessible to the end user.

Q: What do I need to buy into this Pyramid?

A: You need to install Metamask and also need to buy some Ether (ETH), probably from something like Coinbase.

Q: Is this coin pre-mined?

A: No, Nor are there any loops in the code that allow us to take ETH out of the contract in any ways that you yourself are not capable of.