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Purchase EthPyramid Tokens

It's probably already too late... or is it?

EthPyramidTM Tokens

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  • Sell Tokens

    Your tokens will be sold at the sell-price and will be converted into dividends balance.

  • Reinvest

    Reinvest your dividends into tokens.

  • Withdraw

    Withdraw your dividends balance back into your Ethereum wallet.

Q: Is this a real thing?

A: Yes, EthPyramid Tokens are an ERC20 standard token built on the ethereum blockchain that you can sell on this site. They have no value outside of engaging in the EP game with our Math Robot though and you should not consider them a real investment.

Q: Wasn't there something similar to this earlier?

A: Yes, there are several variations of ponzis, pyramids, and other schemes; EthPyramid is the next step forward with reinvestable dividends and 10% redistribution on sell.

Q: Why should I participate in this over PoWHCoin?

EthPyramid encourages holding more. You can directly reinvest your dividends without having to withdraw and causing a panic. 10% of every token sell is also redistrubted to holders – encouraging STRONG HANDS.

Q: Is EthPyramid compatible with Trading bots?

Yes. There are several trading bots in the market and all tokens like EthPyramid are traded securely using them. You will find this link to be interesting.

Q: What do I need to buy into this Pyramid?

A: You need to install Metamask and also need to buy some Ether (ETH), probably from something like Coinbase.

Q: Is this coin pre-mined?

A: No, Nor are there any loops in the code that allow us to take ETH out of the contract in any ways that you yourself are not capable of.